• Free-Choice Feeding Dogs
    Pros and Cons of Free-Choice Feeding Dogs

      Dog owners often wonder about the pros and cons of free-choice feeding dogs, and while there are many disadvantages with this method of feeding, free-choice feeding can also be advantageous in a few circumstances. Some websites condemn free-choice feeding as being a “disservice to dogs” and accusing owners of free-choice feeding as not being … Read more

  • By-Products in Dog Food
    Are By-Products in Dog Food Bad?

      Reading a dog food label is often intimidating for dog owners and many wonder whether by-products in dogs food are bad. The term by-product is often interpreted as something nefarious, a waste product that’s derived from a manufacturing process and therefore something of inferior quality. The term though need not to be bad news, actually, humans … Read more

  • Too Much Protein in Older Dogs
    Is Too Much Protein Bad for Older Dogs?

      Is too much protein bad for older dogs? This is a very good question considering that the nutritional needs of a senior dog may be quite different compared to those of a puppy or adult dog. Indeed, nowadays, there are more and more dog foods catering to the needs of senior dogs. This has … Read more

  • Can I Feed My Dog a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet?
    Can I Feed My Dog a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet?

      If you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, you may be wondering at some point “Can I feed my dog a vegan diet too?”  While dogs may be interested in eating green beans, carrots and peas, given the choice, dogs are particularly drawn to a meat-based diet. If we carefully look at the … Read more

  • Dog's Energy Requirements
    Understanding Your Dog’s Energy Requirements

      Understanding your dog’s energy requirements is important because the main key function of eating food is to gain energy. All living creatures need energy to sustain all bodily functions. Energy requirements vary from one dog to another based on several factors. Knowledge about energy requirements in dogs is important because this is ultimately what … Read more